Wishaw General Hospital installs new MR system


MAGNETOM Aera MR system from Siemens Healthcare will expand patient services

Wishaw General Hospital, part of NHS Lanarkshire in Scotland, has recently installed a MAGNETOM Aera MR system from Siemens Healthcare.

It is hoped the new system will expand patient services to include gynaecology imaging and volume scans of the head. It will also continue to provide standard procedures along with neurology, musculoskeletal, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) and liver imaging.

The Aera was chosen for its advanced syngo applications and high-quality images. The system’s rapid examination times have also received positive feedback from hospital staff.

It was installed as part of a Siemens Managed Equipment Service partnership with Summit Healthcare, where it takes care of the maintenance, provision and ongoing replacement of all imaging equipment over the lifetime of a contract.

The MAGNETOM Aera is helping to create workflow efficiencies within the hospital and increase productivity through the use of Tim 4G (Total imaging matrix) and Dot (Day optimising throughput) technology. The Wide Bore design compromises a 70cm-wide aperture and a total length of 145cm, allowing patients of various body shapes and sizes at the hospital to be easily scanned. The system, which features 48 channels, also includes lightweight coils to give radiographers the flexibility to personalise examinations for patients based on their condition and clinical indication.

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“The team at Wishaw General Hospital is delighted with the MAGNETOM Aera from Siemens Healthcare,” said Alison Aitchison, superintendent radiographer at Wishaw General Hospital. “The wide bore design is patient friendly and has helped reduce anxiety for our claustrophobic patients. In addition to patient comfort it has increased throughput, improving productivity within the department.”