VINCI Park UK changes name to Indigo


Company will work with clients to deliver intelligent, integrated and bespoke car parking solutions

VINCI Park UK, the industry-leading operator in bespoke parking solutions, has changed its name to Indigo from 5 November.

As Indigo, it will continue to provide dynamic, adaptable and flexible parking, working with its clients to deliver intelligent, integrated and bespoke solutions.

In the ever-changing world of transport, Indigo will offer the most-comprehensive and advanced global parking network, with car parks that can adapt and cater for the specific needs of each location and its users it serves.

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VINCI Park underwent a change of shareholders in 2014, when two new companies – Ardian and Prédica – purchased stakes in the group’s equity alongside VINCI. The introduction of the new identity will mean changes to things like signage, stationery and uniforms.