Scorpio collapsible mattress revolutionises user and staff safety for visual inspections


Pineapple launches Scorpio collapsible mattress to prevent windows and viewing panels being blocked

Pineapple Contracts continues to strive for safety and user-focused designs by launching the Scorpio Collapsible Mattress.

The design responds to client needs to make visual inspections of rooms quicker and safer, protecting both the user and the staff.

Driving for innovation in the challenging environments furniture market; Pineapple has used a tri-fold design for the Scorpio Collapsible Mattress.

Two heat-welded seams have been ergonomically placed across the mattress without compromising on the comfort of the user, so the mattress cannot hold itself upright. As a result, the Scorpio collapsible mattresses cannot be left to block vision panels, windows or doors. This enables staff to make easy and fast visual inspections, improving operational efficiencies in facilities.

It also prevents the added concern of going ‘into the unknown’ where a mattress has been used as a barricade, helping to increase staff confidence and welfare.

Adopting innovative best-practices such as the Scorpio collapsible mattress helps to reduce the number and scale of interventions necessary by spotting any potential concerns earlier and easier. This increases opportunities to continue with the creation of a positive and enhanced environment for users, focused on rehabilitation.

Once collapsed, the mattress shape doubles as a chair on the floor, offering a softer surface as vulnerable users de-escalate.

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Listening carefully to customer feedback, the mattress has been covered in heavy-duty anti-vandal fabric that is also waterproof. And the mattress can be made using either a Crib 5 or a Crib 7 finish, making it an excellent solution for a range of extra challenging environments such as seclusion rooms, mental health facilities, prisons and other places with unpredictable behaviours.