Pineapple Contracts wins HSE contract to supply Ireland’s mental health system


Company to provide Ireland’s hospitals with furniture designed to protect patients and staff

Pineapple Contracts has been awarded the Health Service Executive (HSE) contract to provide the Republic of Ireland’s mental health service with contract furniture.

The contract, initially for a 48-month term, means that Pineapple Contracts will provide products that humanise mental health treatment, offering a therapeutic environment to develop individuals as well as protecting both patients and staff. The company will supply a range of soft seating, bedroom furniture and lounge furniture designed to enhance the client’s environment.

The mental health service in Ireland has changed considerably over the last 20 years and now focuses on better care and a more supportive service to individuals with mental illness. HSE provides a range of mental health services, including day centres, sheltered workshops, rehabilitation, special care and secure units.

Pineapple Contracts is committed to helping clients create safer places for both patients, residents and staff. Listening to client concerns is key to the design process, enabling the products developed to be focussed on solving customer needs and issues. The partnership approach ensures that clients of the HSE contract will be helped and guided through their choices to ensure that the best solutions for their needs are achieved.

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'This new opportunity, adding to our existing NHS contracts, will grow our network of mental health care providers and give even more insight to behaviours and challenges faced in these environments,' said Glyn Hathorn, Sales Director at Pineapple Contracts. 'We know that it’s a constant learning curve, working alongside people who manage mental health services, and we remain committed to helping them achieve their goals.'