New ‘no compromise’ PerryShield fire door range launched


Ironmongery products combine fire safety and cost compliance

As legislation continues to tighten in the wake of recent fire catastrophes, A Perry & Co is launching its new CE-marked and CERTIFIRE-approved PerryShield range of fire door ironmongery.

The complete, integrated, fire-rated range of door hinges, locks and latches, and intumescent protection kits has been designed at a price point that enables specifiers to fit fire-approved ironmongery onto applications without having to worry about spiralling costs.

The high-quality fire-resistant door hardware and intumescent kits are designed to ensure there is no compromise to fire door integrity in an emergency, providing a fire rating of either 30, 60 or 120 minutes.

Ian Dunnaker, company director at A Perry & Co (Hinges), said: “Adhesion to budgets is dominant in the fire-rated product sector. Traditionally, here is where corners have been cut, as price points have dictated that ironmongery has to be affordable and meet stringent cost criteria.

“Yet, as we know from recent catastrophes, it’s imperative that the safety and security of products is paramount.

“Over the last 12 months, A Perry has worked tirelessly to bring the most-competitive range of CERTIFIRE-approved fire door ironmongery to market.

“The price differentials between the new PerryShield range of hinges and standard ‘non-certified’ hinges are now minimal. This means customers can have the confidence they can afford to select the products without compromising on safety and security, and risk rising costs.

Fire door hinges

The hinges, which come in 10 different finishes ranging from antique brass to nickel plated, are suitable for any application whether light domestic or heavy commercial use.

They fit all door furniture meaning that only the existing hinges will have to be replaced.

For doors weighing up to 40kg, The Grade 7 CE-marked and CERTIFIRE-approved hinges are most suitable, and Grade 13 are suitable for doors weighing up to 120kg.

Fire-rated locks and latches

An integral part of the new PerryShield range are the premium tubular mortice latches that are essential to help prevent the spread of fire by ensuring the door remains closed in its frame.

The latches are fire rated and CERTIFIRE approved for up to 30 minutes. Thethree-lever Sashlocks and three-lever deadlocks are fire rated and CERTIFIRE approved for up to 60 minutes.

Continuing the ethos of supplying only high-quality products, PerryShield latch mechanisms are tested to over 200,000 cycles.

New ‘no compromise’ PerryShield fire door range launched

Intumescent protection kits

The PerryShield Intumescent Kits are made from a sheet of an ultra-thin and flexible high-performance intumescent material.

The 0.8mm sheet contains intercalated graphite providing up to 60 minutes of fire protection and offers prominent levels of expansion and insulation. This prevents heat transfer when fitted on ironmongery and rebated into timber door sets. Each kit is pre-cut to the right dimensions, for quick, clean and easy fitting, matching accurately the hinge, latch or lock it is designed for.

All intumescent products are immune to moisture, humidity, atmospheric pollution or common industrial and household chemical substances. The kits have also been extensively tested to the latest British/European Standards BS.476 Part 22: 1987 30/60 min rated & BS EN 1634-1:2014 30/60 min.

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In some cases, if the kits are used in multiple layers, they can provide protection up to 240 minutes to fire doors.