Murray Equipment publishes latest catalogue


Murray Equipment Co. Ltd. is a respected manufacturer of medical seating for clinical departments, which supplies directly to the NHS and dental clinics.

Murray’s ergonomically designed seating will reduce back pain, fatigue, and long term RSI issues, which will save vast amounts of money over the years by reducing absences from highly paid and trained clinicians. This was highlighted by a three-year clinical study at Nottingham University Hospital; this study was only completed with one clinical therapy area, yet applies to all clinical therapy areas, whereby we manufacture specific chairs for those areas.

“My staff have found the seats extremely adjustable, very comfortable, very stable, and that the durability, wipe clean surface and good height adjustment made them a good choice for a laboratory environment”

All products comply with fire safety regulations, CE Medical Devices 93/42/EEC and ISO 9001.

A range of optional extras and a wide choice of colours are available to meet your exact specification. Colours are often used to identify which department or surgery the chair belongs to.

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