John Radcliffe installs ceiling-mounted angiograph system


Dose-saving Artis zee will be used for a range of procedures including vascular, iliac and fibroid embolisation

The John Radcliffe Hospital, part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, has installed a ceiling-mounted Artis zee angiography system.

Located in the vascular centre, the Siemens device is being used for a range of procedures including vascular, iliac and fibroid embolisation. It was chosen for its dose-saving features.

As a major trauma centre, The John Radcliffe Hospital acts as a hub for patients requiring specialist vascular treatment across the Thames Valley region. With a large flat detector and motorised C-arm, the Artis zee can be flexibly and rapidly positioned around the patient. Equipped with all the latest Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) features and CLEAR post processing technology as standard, it supports excellent image quality at the lowest achievable doses.

“The Artis zee met our requirement for a system that would be easy to operate as it is often used at night or on call. We were also very impressed by the dose-saving features, proving benefits to both patients and staff,” said Dr Suzie Anthony, consultant radiologist at The John Radcliffe Hospital.

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“In addition to expanding services such as paediatrics radiology, we are looking forward to exploring the Artis zee’s functionality in further detail. This includes the syngo iGuide application to perform needle procedures more easily and help alleviate workload from CT.”