How cleaning audit software can speed up your auditing process


How cleaning audit software can speed up your auditing process

What is cleaning audit software?

Cleaning audit software simply does what its name indicates. It audits the cleaning process. The software allows you to create, manage, report on cleaning audits more easily than using paper-based checklists.

Why use cleaning audit software?

Cleaning audit software allows you to set up different functional areas that represent different usages and degrees of risk. These areas require different cleaning frequencies and levels of monitoring and auditing. Often the cleaning has to be done in compliance with regulatory, industrial or locally agreed standards. And this is where the software can help.

Such software is primarily used by the NHS to demonstrate compliance with the latest National Standards of Cleanliness as well as the NHS cleaning audit standards.

Within the NHS all functional areas must be assessed and assigned to a risk category. Identifying the functional risk category is the crucial first step in applying the standards. The level of cleaning frequency, monitoring, audit frequency and audit target scores are all directly linked to the identified risk factor. Once the functional area risk categories have been identified, a ‘cleaning specification’ must be produced. This specification provides more detailed information on how cleaning will take place.

Cleaning audit software helps to speed up this entire process. In just a few clicks you can report on a function, allocate specific tasks to users and generate audit reports.

How cleaning audit software can speed up your auditing process

Why choose Asckey’s fmfirst Cleaning?

Asckey has been supporting and providing software solutions to the Healthcare sector since 1995. We know that staff do not have the time to be clicking through loads of boxes to get to where they need to go.

Asckey’s fmfirst Cleaning application is designed to speed up the process of audits. It also includes several useful dashboards with drill-down capability allowing for interrogation of the data.

fmfirst Cleaning has been purposefully built to have minimum click-through options and be an easy to use application. It’s also designed to automate report emails once audits have been completed with any corrective actions that are required. This method of providing instant fault reporting and the options for rectifying, allows users to take action right away.

Being a cloud-based application, you achieve cost-savings and its intuitive design makes it multi-platform and device compatible.

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Easy to use, ability to create audits quickly and saves you money, fmfirst® Cleaning could be the software you didn’t know you needed.