DigiGlaze offers a vision for drab doors


Intastop's new door protection product provides more options for interior design

Intastop is renowned for providing products that meet the demanding needs of public buildings, and the latest product to join its door protection range, the DigiGlaze Vision Panel, is no different.

Based on the tried-and-tested INTAGlaze vision panel; DIGIGlaze offers more capabilities for design integration into current, or proposed, interior schemes.

Marie Hanby, marketing manager for Intastop, said: “We understand how important the interior aesthetics are of any building.

“Evidence shows that mood, productivity and general wellbeing of building users can be greatly affected by the interior décor.

“It was this research that prompted us to offer capabilities to transform not only walls, which we have been doing for a few years with our Digi-Print wall protection; but now doors and, in particular, vision panels.

“Just because vision panels can be an essential element of a doorset doesn’t mean that they cannot be integrated into an interior design scheme, or be used to highlight individual brands or departments.

“DigiGlaze gives us the ability to create any image onto the glass, whether that be a simple logo, or intricate design.”

DigiGlaze Vision Panels benefit from a frameless design, which gives flexibility in sizing and thickness, ideal for retrofit or new-build projects.

The unique design features mean they can be tailored to individual requirements, including anti-ligature.

Additional features offered within this quiet, manually-operated panel include an omni-directional option for operator comfort, dual or single-lever operation on one or both sides, and a standard key, Lifeline Key or anti-ligature knob.

“The varying operational choices, plus variety of sizes or colours and print designs available, does make DigiGlaze a truly-viable solution for, not only assessing and preventing potential self-harm risks, as well as ensuring staff privacy; but for supporting the interior design and aesthetics of a building,” said Hanby.

As is standard with Intastop products; the DigiGlaze Vision Panels are fire rated to FD30 and FD60 and tested to BS476:Part 20 and 22.

They are available as rectangular 254 x 804mm, 254 x 404mm or 404 x 404mm square with other sizes are available on request.

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Finishes include a variety of beading options such as hardwood timber, PVC-u in a range of colours, and stainless steel frame for mental health applications.